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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  February 10, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EST

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times, and you don't want to miss this interview, tomorrow night a 10:00 p.m. eastern. we'll see you again tomorrow, i just put an open thread on gretawire. tell us anything you want to talk about in general. good night from washington, d.c.. crossroads. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." tonight, i want to start in the present. we'll start in a little bit in egypt. then we're going to go back in to the past soviet union 1930s. and talk a little bit about unions and what they really are. then, tonight, we're going to end up in my favorite place. texas. c'mon! ♪ ♪
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>> glenn: all right. there is a clear line drawn in the sand. you're either here or you're over there. pointing out that maybe you shouldn't be standing over there makes you a reck leless fear monger unless you write for the opinion page of the "wall street journal,." then you're of course you're absolutely right. could al-qaeda hijack egypt's resolution? terrorists in pakistan and mullahs in tehran want to see chaos in cairo. chaos. all of this may seem unlikely but revolutions are also unlikely events. once the threshold is crossed, old rules about what is normal and likely isto go out the window. that's why those who start revolutions are rarely those who end up in charge when the
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smoke clears. don't worry. that's the "wall street journal." which is more reckless? point out a threat or bury your head in the sand. i don't want to talk to you about egypt tonight. i want to talk about the coalitions that are being built. and what everybody in the world seems to be saying except maybe you. there is a problem. we all know that, right? there is a problem. but listen to what people say the real problem in the world truly is. listen carefully. >> liberal capitalism of corporation, count men, women children in so many countries. >> we have evolved to a market worshipping, trickle down, union busting, i got mine so long sucker.
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which was a perfectly acceptable theory. ♪ ♪ >> you need a new currency system. it's ill-considered on the part of the united states to resist. ♪ ♪ >> obama, that's called socialism. obama, come over to the socialist side. come join the axis of evil here and we will build a real economy as a service of the individual. you can't do this with capitalism. >> generally speaking we get the joke. we know that the free market is nonsense. we know that the whole point is to gain the system.
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>> glenn: i don't think so. that's all you hear, one way or another the system is broken and capitalism is the problem. it's happening all over the globe. we showed you last night the video of the islam exextremists saying the same thing. it's capitalism. everybody proposes a very unique solution. watch this. >> how are we going to keep the new global economic order? once they put the needs and rights of workers froment and center. >> i believe we should have had enough ingenuity and imagination to include a place for russia in the new world order. >> you need to bring china to the creation of a new world order. financial world recorder. >> i wish to propose the that the second decade of this century, be named by the-up as
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the decade for the joint global government. >> we have to shape an international order that can meet the challenges of our generation. >> we will be steadfast and strengthening the old alliances that served us so well. >> workers of the world unite. not just a slogan. it's the way we have to do our work. >> as students, workers as global citizens. >> now we can see a new world coming into view. a world in which there is a real prospect of a new world order. >> that was the first time i ever heard a president say "the new world order." so the consensus is pretty overwhelming. that there is a problem in the world. the problem is capitalism. this is the problem. this is the solution.
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so let's put an end to capitalism, because that has failed us. this is heard everywhere. whether it's your u.n. leaders that want a new world order because they want one world government, the u.n. gorge soros wants his open society. but this is not the open society charity that he does but a philosophy on a borderless world. look out up, please. look up "open society." not the charity. this is controlled by a central government. or maybe it would be just run by the tides foundation. or the groups that the tides foundation funds that his open society funds. i'm not sure how the new world order works but what is what his is called. it's different than this one. it's different than this one. the caliphate. that is different. different from this one. socialist and communists want a new world order, too.
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i don't know what any of them look like. i know that one. this is different than this one. look, militant communist van jones. he has group called storm. he's together with the afl-cio. are they communists? i don't know. seiu? they have workers of the world unite. that's len lin. you have the communist party here. tough communist party of australia coming into it. the communist party of egypt now on record this week. this is not a conspiracy. these people here, these people has decided to come and fly under this flag. one nation working together. they're working together. this guy is working with these guys. i don't think they they want
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the same ending, but they will work together. remember, it's important that people say they will work together until they can have the chaos and move far enough to have the new world order. radical muslims are not working with them but they are in a way. they are benefitting off of each other. helping chaos, helping chaos. one of them will grab control. today, the muslim brother hootd hood -- brotherhood. they want a caliphate. we told you this and now caliphate is new ice cream flavor now. they translated the muslim brotherhood goals. this is the goal. the founder felt the grave danger overshadowing the muslim and urgent need and obligation which islam places on every muslim, man and woman, to act in order to
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restore the caliphate and re-establish it on strong foundation. we heard from dianne feinstein who said this about what is happening in egypt. >> let me say one more thing. we have concern over fundamental islamic sects taking over. i think it's real we don't understand the ebb and flow of the current of the middle east. i think perhaps we don't understand this. >> glenn: most people don't understand this. i showed you yesterday, donald rumsfeld, he said people don't understand this. he was telling rush limbaugh this yesterday. >> we are up against a vicious enemy. radical islamists are there and they intend to try to create a caliphate in this world. fundamentally alter nature of the nation states. we are reluctant to engage in the competition of ideas and
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point out how vicious they are. even the current administration is even afraid to say the word islamist. >> glenn: okay. we showed you a letter from al-zawahiri, who is with al-qaeda now. but a muslim brotherhood graduate. he says the center of the global caliphate needs to be in egypt. again, a different end. a different end. but the same goal. the end of capitalism and the free market system. not a consider here. you have forces lining up. here is my question. where is the coalition around the world? ke can find all kind of people that will line up behind him, or this, or him. millions line behind him. millions more lining up behind these guys. but where is the coalition of
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people? the world leaders. the real power houses? calling for less government involvement. other than the tea party, who is it? where is it? where are the coalitions standing up for 1791? even al-jazeera is more likely regarded than tea party. here is a review of their magazine from some hack website, tea party magazine is worst than al-qaeda magazine. really? who historically has been the icon or the beacon of hope fighting against all of the anti-free market leaders and groups? up until the 20th century, it was the president of the united states. what does your president want? our president wants a new world order. our president believes capitalism has failed and he
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wants fundamental transformation of america. he wants change. america, you have to understand. this is a winner takes all game. the winner takes the globe. there are multiple players and they are in bed with each other because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. some of them cobbled together coalition. stronger group got together because they realize the more we have together, the better chance we have of winning. unless the people who believe in the concept that yes, man can rule himself without someone telling him what to do. unless people believe that men were given the right by god to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the same -- the understanding we have in 1791. unless people start making that case that 1791 freedom is the viable option we lose.
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everybody is using democracy. these guys is using democracy. he is using democracy. the communists use democracy. he does, he does, i do. what is democracy? 1791. the constitution of the united stat states. that is freedom. but nobody is defining a new world order. get it defined. everybody is buying it. george soros people told mine in a very threatening way, the ship has already sailed. there will be a new world order. get on the team or get out. i think it was actually get on the ship or be left behind. we said we'll be left behind. that's okay. you know what is amazing? they are giving you so many
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ways to board the ship. if you are extreme muslim, go to church. if you are having a hard time in job, join for the new world order here with the afl-cio. if you just think we stole the land, come here to the counsel of la raza. if you think, if you think george washington was a hack and lenin had it right, and marx, go through this door. they have so many doorways. over and over and over again. mark change. in the middle east, get through the egyptian -- what is it? the egyptian national association of change. what does that mean? we tlent through this. doorway mark changed but nobody asked what is on the other side. the world order. what is the new world order? most people will just say through one of these organizations, yeah, yeah.
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i'm a steelworker. if i want change, they'll walk through and they have no idea what is here. where is the person or the group saying walk through this doorway. do you want to solve the problem? walk through this doorway. restore 1791. restore the i.d.s, not the slavery. don't be four years old. the ideas of 1791. because we know what this looks like. we know what that, how that works. i have no idea, i have no idea at all how the new world order works. that's a structure there. but see, we're not talking about the workers anymore.
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the labor unions are not talking about the workers anymore. they're using it in a much more stalin or len anyone sort of way. i want to expand on unions here as an entry point. they are using your money and your name, your body. to stand for something i don't if you're for. here is how much they love the free market. we all know that take the car companies. they made bad business people. besides the bad decisions they made besides the crappy cars they made, some of the decisions they made were letting the unions just run roughshod over it. letting unions grab control. they came up with bad business ideas. they should have failed. but they didn't. we rushed in to save them. that is what happened.
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listen to trumka. the head of the afl-cio. listen carefully on his take. because remember, capitalism is a problem to get to a new world order. capitalism is his problem. here is his take on business and the rich. >> any car company, anybody else, manufacturer, took our economy to the brink of disaster. this did. wall street did. they haven't learned a lesson. that's why we need wraurm reform. that's why we want them to pay for the 11 million jobs. >> the super rich have had a tax break from bush of $1.2 trillion. we can take a little back from the rich that have enjoyed the last ten years in an unprecedented way and pay for creation of jobs that they destroyed. >> this destroyed jobs and the rich destroyed jobs. nobody else, it's those two. get them. so the unions cobbled together the international union.
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it's important that you understand this. this is an international labor movement. they are right now supporting the people in egypt. they put together a little tape with all of the other international labor unions. let me show you first, afl-cio. they're working hard for the workers in egypt. >> brothers and sisters, to all egyptians, hunters of social justice. the 12 million members of the afl-cio, join the international labor organization, the united nations and the global labor movement to stand in solidarity with you. they stand with the people of egypt and new independent unions. when the people lead, your leaders will follow. future on the side of democracy and social justice. we want you to know that you're not alone.
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>> i understand why they came down as a box of bricks when i said social justice, that's a code word. now do you get it? there they are. this is not about the international worker. this is global worker. the international worker. members of the afl-cio. let me ask you something. is this the one issue where you are saying boy, i really hope my union is doing all they can to spend their valuable time and resources in egypt and help organize over in egypt. well, let me show you. because he uses the code language, but the people in australia, the labor union represented in australia here, on this same tape is more clear. watch. >> our message is one with the people of egypt. we know that there is a new world ord they're is necessary in many, many countries. but you're leading the way.
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congratulations. your courage inspires us. >> glenn: i love this. new world ord for many, many countries. new world order. why wouldn't there be a new world order in all of the countries? she is certain that we have to have one right now. why? because capitalism has failed. she also believes that ship has sailed. i want to show you history. i want to show you the international labor movement. those who have supported the worker. if we learn from history, we can predict what is coming next.
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>> glenn: the free market system has failed. we need a new system. it has been said before in history, the last time the market supposedly failed in the 1920s. let's remember the roaring '20s first, after the progressive era with woodrow wilson. then happy days started again. huge growth. major technological advancement. we had refrigeration. people didn't have refrigerators in 1919. they did by 1929.
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phones, cars. all commonplace items. how many people didn't have electricity until the 1920s? when we went into the depression, the song was "happy days are here again." these were the happen by days. then with the success came arrogance. that is the period we're in now. that is the problem. capitalism didn't fail. arrogance set in. we lost the morals and scruples and everything else. i was with my dad recently. i just want you to real iize how far we've come in the last 10, 20 years. apple ipad. this thing is absolutely incredible. he is just nuts. i had forgotten about it. i've had one for -- how long have they been out? two years? i had one. i'm with my dad. i'm talking to dad and pull it out. i said dad, you have to look at this. i'm showing him something and i do this with my fingers and i open it up.
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his eyes about pop out of his head. he said wait, wait, wait. what is that? my dad is almost 80. oh, look at this. this is a computer. i started telling him. he couldn't believe it. i taught to myself, my gosh, i have forgotten how advanced we have gotten and how things were a few years ago. for instance, let me show you this. this is a video i saw today. see this video? this is something that changed 20 years. they mic him up to go on television. they mic him up and he's very nervous. they said yes, in a few minutes they'll hear you in new york. sorry. he says are you serious? are you kidding me? they're going to see me in new york? 20 years ago. do you have any idea who this guy is? who is this guy? this is what he looked like 20
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years ago. this is what he looks like today. steve jobs. the guy who came up with this. that's how fast the world has changed. in 20 years. why? because of capitalism. because of the free market system. because of freedom, first dreamt up in 1971. the world has changed in just the last couple of decades for the better. medical advancement, deaths from breast cancer dropped more than 2% every year since 1990. the infant mortality rate has been cut in half since 1980. we have d.n.a. testing, invasive surgeries, lasik, on and on and on. america, it's different from the rest of the world. we have plenty of stuff. that is part of the problem. plenty of stuff. 85% of americans 18 years and older own a cell phone. 47% have ipods or an mp3
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player. this is a failed system? this is the push that happened in the '20s. not only here. the rest of the world was a little ahead of us on that capitalism is dead. these advancements were happening in the 1920s. as soon as there were trouble, everybody wanted to bail on the new york system. "new york times" heaped praises on mussolini. "mussolini is a latin teddy roosevelt who first acts and then inquires if it's legal. he has been a great service to italy and at home." has he? has he really? mussolini didn't care if it was state capitalism or state socialism. that is what he said. it's going to be run by bureaucrats. they thought a huge government on industry, with industry, around and on the worker was going to be the solution.
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but somebody else thought that, too. the communist. the communists wanted national socialism. look at this. in is an amazing piece of art from 1936, if you see it right here. 1936. this is the work er showing the strong worker. that's why the cog is here. communists, right? the workers of the world unite. that's the communist slogan. no. this is germany 1936. this is a german piece. national socialism. wait a minute. i have seen communist. this is from communism. this is the worker. we have seen the artwork. see the artwork?
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we have seen the artwork in moscow. let me show you this. it's the worker. the farmer and the worker. what happened? i thought they had a lot in common? they did. in the beginning, they put together the coalition. national socialist and the communist, the national communists in europe and russia were together. at the time, stalin was clear. they decided they would be the german worker and we have wrapped people around the fl flag. they worked together for while. communists said first brown, then red. they were cool with it. then the fascist gained power and you could see they were starting to sweep the world. that's when the people who had early on united with them for revolution, split apart. then they united with anyone
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who would help them. capitalist came to us in england. we'll work with you. can you stop them? they knew they would put us out of business later. that was their idea. this is no longer a flag. the germans thought we can get socialism if it's the flag. now it's islamic socialist. beyond flag or country. it's god. it's god. i believe this will take hold in the middle east. it will cause these people to cower. they will run to somebody for help and stop islamic socialism. if the story will repeat itself, one side will run to the other. the worker is not as strong as god. who will they run to, to stop it?
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who is standing for 1791? our founding fathers' order. the rest of the world will have to find someone to stand against, one of these two. whichever is in the losing battle. they will have to stand there. make sure the world runs to you and you believe in something. as deeply as they do. ♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell ♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪ ♪ though you haven't any money you can still be bright and sunny ♪ ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪
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increased terrorist chatter. join me for "special report." now back to glenn beck in new york. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: there is a story tonight i want to share that comes from texas. honestly, it shook my faith in texas for 24 hours and maybe they wised up a bit. it's on hold for now. apparently the school district wants more parents to comment. some middle school parents were shocked when they found out two schools in mansfield, texas, the school district there which is a suburb of
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dallas-fort worth will soon require middle schools arabic language and culture courses. really? do we require american culture courses? do we maybe do that? what do you think? is that too much to ask? forcing kids in america, in texas to learn about america. the truth. no. we're learning the arabic language and study their culture in texas school. here is what happens. $1.3 million dollar grant coming from the government was made available. that made arabic classes mandtory. now the program will also be optionm for some students in the district, but for these, no, it's mandtory. as you imagine, and maybe this is no doubt why the program was on hold, the parents were caught off-guard there. the d.o.e., department of
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education, identified arabic as language of the future. that's great. >> i'm going to teach them how to buy flying cars because that's transportation of the future or maybe a bullet train on green fuel. maybe the d. o.e. should be told arabic is an old language and it's not used here a lot. it's also a language of the present. not the future. by concentrating on that language, that culture or anything, not concentrating on improving our kids learning english and our own american history and what makes the culture a culture makes our culture a culture of the past. but anyhoo, the kids need to learn about the culture. similar to how they now learn about spanish and the mexican culture. were you aware, remember the alamo?
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teachers have to be careful how they teach the alamo because it has to be taught with neutral perspective in texas classrooms? remember the alamo. get it right. they were only fighting for mexican independence. that is the truth. but that's not good enough. if you are like me, when you first heard this, you wouldn't believe it. let me show you an article from 2002 about how texas school teachers feeling pressure to bring perspective in state history. as the hispanic population is a majority in the state, history, museum, directors a realizing without regard to the so you were neighbor isn't covering it anymore. excuse me? it's been 175 years. maybe we should get over it. more from the story. the standard line we used was we won and they lost. no one really questioned who we was. angela miller, the manager for
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the social studies curriculum for houston school district and history teacher for 20 years. you have can't do it anymore. i have news for you. you shouldn't have done that in the first place. we can say "we" because "we" are americans. is the teacher trying to say that santa ana wasn't anything other than brutal dictator? that's what he was. we or on the right side here. wow. >> do people live here for a reason or is it interchangeable? change address when you move across the border? there must be a reason people are here, right? burr bank middle school in north houston. miss blessinger says we teach kids who have just come from mexico and many with loyalties to mexico. you have to be very aware who is in your room. no, you just have to teach the truth. everybody loves america, i thought. they just want to be hard-working miles per hours. if you still have loyalties to
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mexico, that is okay. but contribute to mexico or at least understand our culture as we explain our culture. you can have yours. that is great. we will celebrate yours when you're there. be careful. we have to stress the mexican army point of view. excuse me, they were fighting with a brutal dictator. she spent extra time on the importanted mexican figures who fought alongside american settlers, a foreign concept to teachers a few years ago. sorry, but this is eye bleeding aggravating for me. we're in america. stop being ashamed of america. teach the truth. in mexico are they careful to point out cortez's point of view? he did destroy the aztec temples but he meant well. he was an eager spanish explorer. really, there is no way he might have known he was spreading smallpox around and wiping out an entire race of people. he didn't know. that is the last thing he wanted to do. he was a good guy.
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is that how they teach it in mexico? of course not. it's ridiculous to expect anyone to spin history for the new citizens and certainly not for non-citizens. why have we? what has happened to the mentality or the character of the men and women who said don't forget. remember the alamo. what happened to story of the alamo? i will share one of greatest american letters ever written
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>> glenn: we have to stop apologizing for america. instead, learn and celebrate the men and women who fought. for freedom. not just american freedom but freedom all over the world. men like william travis. william travis was one of the heroes of the alamo and texas.
2:48 am
this is one of the greatest letters ever written by any american. i want you to listen to this. he wrote this whence he was wildly outnumbered. he knew he was going to die. he addressed it to the people of texas and all americans in the world. he wrote my fellow sits and compatriots. i'm besieged by 1,000 or more of mexicans under santa ana. i have sustained continual bombardment and cannonade for 24 hours and i have not lost a man. the enemy has demanded surrender at discretion. otherwise, the garrison is to be put to the sword and the fort is taken. i have answered their demand with a cannon shot. our flag still waves proudly from the walls. i shall never surrender or retreat. then he writes but i call on you in the name of liberty, of patriotism and everything dear
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to the american character. come to our aid with all dispatch. the enemy is receiving reinforcements daily and will no doubt increase to 3,000 or 4,000 or 5,000 in three or four days. if this call is neglected, well, i'm determined to sustain myself as long as possible and die like a seasonal who never for -- soldier who never forget what is his due to his own country and his own honor. victory or death. then at the very bottom, he writes a p.s. p.s.-the lord is on our side. when the enemy appeared in sight, we had not three bushels of corn. but since, we have found in deserted houses 80 or 90 bushels. travis. rely on protection of divine providence.
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that letter should say everything to every american. that letter is from an independent american fighting for mexican independence. how does this apply to us today?
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>> glenn: i was telling you about william travis, a brave hero of the alamo. another one is davey crockett. also at the alamo. he fought on the front tier for freedom and justice. american justice. equal justice. not social justice. equal justice. he is the guy that made many of the treaties with the ind yaps and said we could live on the land with them, be peaceful. he was kentucky. he didn't want to break his thomas to the indians. it was his word. well, here is what happened. this guy came into office. you know who he is? this is andrew jackson. andrew jackson came in as the president and he decided to pursue manifest destiny. take the land from the indians. we have a right to manifest destiny. well, now is in congress. he finds out what andrew jackson is doing with his indian removal act. he gives one of the most compelling speeches in
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congress. he looks to those who were going to remove the indians and break his word, our word as a nation. he looks to congress and say you can all go to hell. i'm going to texas. why did he go to texas? he's from kentucky. he went to texas because he heard of a group of texans who meant what they said and said what they meant and standing for something of meaning. standing for someone else's meaning. so crockett rides down. he heard the letter and joined travis who wrote the letter. travis had just drawn a line in the sand. this is where the line in the sand comes from. he gathered the fellow defenders at the alamo. we can surrender, we can fight our way out, but we aren't going to make it, or we can remain in the fort and we'll all die. he drew a sword and drew a line in the sand and said if you are determined to stay here and die with me, come across the line.
2:56 am
all but two crossed the line. the story goes one of them was french. what a surprise. the reason why i tell you this story, these men had the answer. the author of this and this guy. not this guy. this is the answer. capitalism is broken. yes. restore this. texas understands the alamo. i didn't need to read the letter from travis to texans, because most of them know it. most americans
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